2 Disadvantages Of Zirconia Dentures



In the previous post, we talked about 4 advantages of zirconia dentures. They have excellent Strength, Durability,  Aesthetic, Comfortable, and Biocompatibility. While zirconia dentures can be a perfect option for many patients, it’s important to consider 2 disadvantages that could come into play.

 1. Discoloration
In the past, white zirconia, well obviously, is white. Technicalists need to dye the zirconia before sintering them. Also it could be difficult and time-consuming to match zirconia crowns to the color of neighboring teeth. But this problem has been largely improved thanks to digital scanning technology. Shade matching workflows help to ensure that digitally produced zirconia teeth are the perfect shade, creating a seamless aesthetic. Vsmile 3D prism zirconia disc has 9 layers of multilayer color, creating a lifelike denture for every patient.

2. Potential allergy  
Even though zirconia dentures are very biocompatible, it still can cause some allergy to some people. The situation varies from person to person. Some might experience burning mouth, some have issues with tasting food, some dry mouth etc. These can be allergies to the zirconia material, but there is a study suggesting that might not always be the case. We are still in the process of fingering it out.

There are many materials you can choose when it comes to repairing your denture. And there are many factors to consider when selecting a material. There is no one material that can be 100% safe. Just like life itself.

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