Vsmile 3D PRO Multilayer Printing Update!


Compared with the old design simple LOGO ,

The new design is more three-dimensional, beautiful and more detailed on it.

So do you prefer the new design or the old one?

Either way, the quality of the 3D is still excellent.

Take a look at our new design through the following video.

If you have any suggestions, Warmly welcome to propose!

HappyZir 3D Pro Multilayer

  • 6 layers Multilayer Color
  • 43% to 57% gradient for translucency
  • Strength gradient from 700Mpa to 1050Mpa
  • Suitable for anterior, crown and 6 unit bridge
  • Vita 16 shades + OM1, OM2, OM3 Bleach
  • Sinter at 1500℃

Compare 3D Pro to 3D Prism

3D Pro Multilayer

  • Strength: 700MPA to 1050MPA
  • Translucent: 43% to 57%
  • Color: Vita 16 shades + Vita OM1, OM2, OM3
  • System: 98mm and 95mm
  • Size: 10mm to 25mm
  • Gradient: 6 layers gradient
  • Indication: all in one except Max> 7 units bridge

3D Prism Multilayer

  • Strength: 700MPA to 1200MPA
  • Translucent: 43% to 57%
  • Color: Vita 16 shades + Ivocar BL1,BL2,BL3,BL4
  • System: 98mm,95mm and D Shape Aman Girrbach compatiable
  • Size: 10mm to 30mm
  • Gradient: 9 layers gradient
  • Indication: all in one, >7 bridges available