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three axis milling machine
three axis milling machine
three axis milling machine
three axis milling machine
three axis milling machine

5 Axis Dental CADCAM Milling Machine

Cmill-A5 5 Axis
minimum order:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
50piece / Month
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Vsmile 60w Dust Collector
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Vsmile Cmill-A5 5 Axis Dental CADCAM Milling Machine


A5 is a table-top, 5-axis, numerically controlled milling/grinding machine, very easy to use, with 5 axes interpolated continuously. It can mill almost any dental item (crown, bridges, models, full dentures, etc.) in any “soft” material (wax, PMMA, PEEK, other resins, composites, zirconia, aluminium , etc.) or grind hard materials such as ceramics, lithium disilicate, etc.


Open system

Use of standard STL files in input for the best compatibility with other components of the system. No commitment to use our materials / tools and no mandatory yearly software updating: it will work forever even if not updated. And you can also decide your colour (RAL table) or in carbon fibre.

The Highest Precision

Movement on XYZ axes with precision ball screws and backlash recovery, directly driven by brushless motors with precision encoders for continuous position check.
The 2 rotary axes play with the same motors and zero backlash harmonic drive gearboxes.

5 Axes
Continuous Interpolation

5 axes managed in continuous are needed for modern implantology, which places implants in the optimum position and optimum angle, with no restriction. For simpler jobs, 5 axes are often useful to reduce the blank thickness (less time and less consumption of materials and tools).


Thanks to Vsmile platform, the client can manage his milling machine from any place in the world – by browser / App and a PC or tablet or smartphone – likes he does by the touch screen monitor of the machine itself. In addition to that, the platform offers several additional services, such as remote diagnosis and maintenance, info on preventive maintenance, etc. and even the possibility of exchanging work between laboratories, to cope with a high workload. 




5 Axis linkage multifunctional zirconia machining center


Technical Parameter


5 Axis

Input Voltage

One way communication



Cutting way

Dry + Vaccum cleaning

Spindle cooling

Water cooling +Air cooling

Tool number

3pcs axes

Tool change


Maximum spindle speed


Operating power


External size


Compressed air

0.45Mpa pure air

Positioning accuracy



single disk: S 98min

Product type


Processing materials/

wax/zirconia/resin thickness:10-25mm; PEEK PMMA

& Average processing time

tooth model:30-40min; zirconia: 6-8min;

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