Aren't all Dental Zirconia Ceramic Discs the Same in China Manufacturing Processing ? What makes your products different ?


We get these questions all the time from lab's inquiring about Vsmile's zirconia products, and the answer simply is "no- all zirconia discs are NOT the same at all." There are obvious differences in discs, such as strength and translucency that many labs focus solely on, but there are also several differences that arise from the manufacturing process of discs.the several factors that make discs very different:

  • Purity/contamination – If a disc is made in an unclean environment you won’t be able to see it until the restoration is made;

  • Flexural Strength – If the density of the zirconia disc isn’t uniform, it’s going to affect the final physical properties

  • Density/shrinkage uniformity – If the disc doesn’t have a uniform density then when it is fired the restorations may warp;

  • Thickness uniformity – Though this is not very common, if for some reason the disc does not have a uniform thickness then you risk breaking your cutting tools during the milling process

  • Milling properties – If zirconia discs are underfired they may be too soft. If the discs are overfired they may be too brittle. This can affect cutting speed and may cause chipping

  • Color and translucency – If the discs are not pre-sintered correctly & consistently then some of the coloring you do in the green state may be lost. A disc that is too dense won’t keep the color and may not offer enough chroma (saturation)."

What sets our zirconia ceramic discs above many of our competitors is the fact that we start with the highest quality formulated powder, to the press that powder vertically and take the additional step of pressing in all 360 degrees for extra quality and consistency in our discs. I often hear complaints from lab technicians that discuss the frustration of a "bad batch" of discs being sent to them from other zirconia companies. This can not only be costly, but very frustrating as well to not only your lab , but also to the dentists waiting on their cases to come back. Here at Vsmile we take great pride in making the highest of quality discs that are also very consistent for our customer's peace of mind and satisfaction, made right here in China. Offering a strength from 700Mpa to 1350 MPa and translucency from 37% -57% makes our zirconia meet all your requirement, coping,full crown, bridge, inlay,onlay, implant abutment, you can always easily find the right material for different indications, our 3D pro and prism zirconia disc make it possible for you to use a single disc for a posterior multi-unit bridge and a beautiful monolithic anterior crown eliminates a lab's need for a high amount of inventory sitting around the lab collecting dust until the perfect case comes along for a specific disc. I am so proud to be an advocate for this product, and I know your lab will not be disappointed by transitioning to Vsmile 3D Pro and Prism Zirconia.

Please reach out to us with any questions on our zirconia ceramic products, or other dental CadCam materials, we are here to help!