What Are The Ways To Restore Missing Teeth?


Many people have lost teeth due to accidents, eating habits, genetics and other factors, which has brought trouble to many people. Experts said that with the gradual progress of medical technology, there are also good ways to repair missing teeth. So how many repair methods are there for missing teeth?

There are several repair methods for missing teeth? Experts say that tooth defect is one of the common and frequently-occurring diseases in the oral cavity, mainly manifested as various degrees of destruction and defect of various dental hard tissues, as well as various forms of congenital deformities. Dental defects are often manifested as normal tooth size, shape, color, occlusal abnormalities, and destruction of adjacent relationships.

Repair method:

1. Fixed restoration: It mainly relies on the natural teeth on both sides or on one side of the missing tooth space as support, and the denture is bonded to it with a retainer such as a crown sleeve. The patient cannot wear it by himself, also known as a fixed bridge. According to different materials, it can be divided into porcelain repair, all-ceramic repair, metal repair, resin repair and so on. Its advantages are small size, small foreign body sensation, no need for patients to take out and clean, and good recovery of chewing function.

2. Active restoration: Also known as removable partial denture, it is supported by natural teeth and the mucosa and bone tissue covered by the base, and is retained by the retainer (usually a clasp) and base of the denture. A prosthesis worn. Types include cast brackets, flexible dentures, and more. Its advantages are a wide range of restorations, less teeth being cut, and a lower price.

3. Implant restoration: It is a surgical method to implant the artificial tooth root into the jawbone at the missing tooth, and then install the denture on the artificial tooth root. This method of restoration has basically become the first choice for people to restore their teeth.