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dental zirconia crown
dental zirconia crown
dental zirconia crown
dental zirconia crown
dental zirconia crown

98mm Dental 3D Prism Zirconia Disc

3D prism dental zirconia block
minimum order:
2 pieces
Supply Ability:
20000pieces / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
One For All - Isostatically pressed with a lifetime warranty.
Vsmile 3D Prism Multilayer Zirconia Disc 9-layer (4 layers plus 5 transition layers) is a dental multilayer zirconium oxide (4Y-TZP cervical, 5Y-TZP incisal) with natural color and translucency gradient and high flexural strength (1200 MPa cervical, 700 MPa incisal) for anterior- or posterior teeth restorations with up to 14 units. In the production process, 5 layers of pre-colored zirconia are layered on top of each other, building 4 transition layers in the process.
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Anterior, Crown,6 Crowns Long Bridge



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