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dental zirconia cad cam
dental zirconia cad cam
dental zirconia cad cam
dental zirconia cad cam
dental zirconia cad cam

Grade 5 98mm Dental Titanium Disc for open CAD CAM Milling system

Metal Material
minimum order:
2 pieces
Supply Ability:
20000pieces / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
Vsmile HappyZir Titanium Milling Disc is suitable for the restoration of dental implants, abutments, etc. This is Zirkonzahn dental cad cam grinding system application. Zirkonzahn dental titanium block is not an open CAD cam system
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Vsmile Titanium discs for CAD/CAM machining

Vsmile titanium dental block contains a tritium alloy which provides excellent metallic properties in dental laboratory operations.

It is corrosion resistant and biocompatible. The low thermal conductivity improves its physical properties. Titanium dental blanks allow for traditional bonding as well as the quality of dental ceramic veneers, adding to the aesthetics of the restoration.



● Corrosion-resistant material provides durability and a distortion-free fabrication process

● Can be aesthetically veneered with ceramic

● Precision Manufactured, Precise Fit


Gr.5: long-span delicate framework, structures, implant work

Gr.2: Crown, Bridge

Technical Data

Hardness (HV 10)


Elongation (%).


Tensile Strength (MPa)


0.2% Yield Strength (MPa)


Young’s Module (MPa)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25°-500°C)


Density (g/cm3)


Melting Range


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