Acrylic Material For Partial Dentures


There are so many materials to choose from when it comes to fixing your teeth. The type of denture you require for your teeth replacement depends upon your requirements and your budget. Before you choose, you should learn about the types of denture materials. Today we are going to talk about one of the denture materials in the market-Acrylic dental disc.
Acrylic is a gum-like material that can be molded according to the required shape and design as a substitute for natural teeth. Acrylic is quite popular in the dental industry. And due to its excellent physical properties and relatively lower price, it is the usual go-to material, particularly for partial dentures, but can also be used for complete dentures. Metal hooks are used for the adherence of acrylic dentures to patients' gums. The dentures adjust along with the nearby teeth and stay affixed.
Pros of Acrylic Dentures
1. Thanks to the advancement in technology, acrylic dentures are more durable and long-lasting. Hybrid acrylic materials have even longer lives and greater adherence capability.
2. Acrylic dentures weigh less than porcelain and medal dentures, so they are easily adjustable and comfortable. Porcelain and metal are other commonly used materials for dentures.
3. Acrylic dentures cost less than porcelain dentures.
Cons of Acrylic Dentures
1. While they have longer lives than porcelain dentures, they are prone to wear and tear are require replacement every five to eight years. As for some porcelain dentures, they can last for 10-20 years with proper care.
In conclusion, the decision to choose which denture material is a personal one. It also depends on the severity of the oral conditions and advice given by doctors. After you read this, you are more prepared when you visit your doctor. Vsmile Dental Acrylic Disc has outstanding qualities such as strong, vibrant and aesthetic. It can be perfectly and accurately milled for denture base applications. To know more about Vsmile products, click on the link here: