Advantages Of Choosing Zirconia Crowns


1. Zirconia crowns are highly biocompatible because the smooth surface helps reduce plaque buildup. Solid zirconia crowns are very strong. Although the porcelain used for layering does not have the strength of solid zirconia, they are designed to bond with the zirconium substructure and chipping and fracture are extremely rare. The material also promotes healthy tissue responses.

2. Zirconia is suitable for patients who are allergic to metals or who wish to have metal-free restorations.

3. Zirconia is metal free and prevents darkening of the gum area. This eliminates the possibility of exposed metal edges due to gum recession.

4. The translucency of this material can transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and it can be manufactured in a variety of shades to accurately match the color of the patient's natural teeth.

Using computer-aided design and manufacturing processes to provide a precise fit to the patient reduces the chair-side time required to adjust and fix these restorations.

5. The crown can be held in place using traditional bonding techniques.

6. Zirconia crowns do not transfer heat and cold like traditional PFM, so they are comfortable for patients.