Advantages Of Zirconia All-ceramic Porcelain Teeth


①Aesthetics: Because zirconia has good permeability to light, it is close to real teeth, unlike other porcelain teeth that block light. The color of the basal crown of zirconia ceramics is tooth white, so the neck will not become black, dark and blue, which solves the most difficult problem of metal porcelain crowns.

②Precision and edge tightness: The production is completed by computer-aided design, laser scanning, and grinding under computer program control, which ensures the accuracy of the in-mold crown and excellent edge tightness, so that the produced porcelain teeth can be The patient's intraoral abutments fit very well.

③ Biocompatibility: Zirconia is an aerospace material with good biocompatibility, which is superior to various metal alloys, including gold. Zirconia has no irritation or allergic reaction to the gums; its thermal conductivity is extremely low, only 1/17 of that of gold, which is more conducive to the protection of dental pulp; it is light in weight, and its density is only 1/4 of that of gold, making it more comfortable for patients to wear.

④Persistence: Zirconia is non-metallic and does not block X-rays in any way. As long as the zirconia porcelain teeth are embedded, there is no need to remove the dentures when the head X-ray, CT and MRI are required in the future, saving time, effort and money.

⑤ High density and high strength: high strength and toughness, flexural strength greater than 900Mpa; it can make multiple units of porcelain bridges, which solves the problem that all all-ceramic systems cannot be long bridges.