Advantages Of Zirconia Blocks


1. Zirconia ceramic block has good processing performance, high strength, good toughness, excellent wear resistance and stable performance;

2. Good permeability and strong jade texture, the light transmittance of ultra-transparent products can reach 40% (1mm thickness) without dyeing;

3. The scale rate is consistent, and the advanced technology ensures that the scale rate of each part of the material is highly consistent;

4. Excellent anti-aging performance, tested by XRD, has excellent anti-aging performance;

5. Safe and stable, each batch of raw materials and products has been tested by low-background multi-channel gamma energy spectrometer to ensure the safety and stability of the blocks;

6. To meet the needs of integration, it is equipped with a five-axis high-performance CAD/CAM system dental engraving and milling machine and Xiangtong full zirconium 16-color dyeing solution, which makes the processing more convenient and stable, and the dyeing effect is better.