Biocompatibility Of Zirconia Porcelain Blocks


Due to the complex biological environment inside the oral cavity, as a dental restoration material, it must firstly be non-sensitizing, non-irritating, non-genotoxic, etc. to the human body, and have excellent chemical stability. At present, chemical characterization and toxicological analysis methods are difficult to provide sufficient evidence for the biological safety of zirconia ceramic blocks for all-ceramic dentures. Therefore, biological tests are generally used, such as cytotoxicity tests and delayed hypersensitivity tests. , intradermal reaction or oral mucosa irritation test.

As the raw material of customized dentures, zirconia blocks for all-ceramic dentures do not need to be sterilized, but they must be sterilized before the finished denture is put into the patient's mouth. Because dust will be generated during the processing, and the contacted utensils and operators will cause contamination to the dentures, appropriate disinfection methods should be selected, such as microwave disinfection, glutaraldehyde solution immersion disinfection, etc.