Choosing Zirconia


There are a lots things need to consider for a dental laboratory owner now adays, especially the new beginners,some of the most important concern must be how to choose the right materials for their production,and zirconia disc must be the most common materials in this industry .

As the world-renowned dental manufacturer and supplier of high-quality zirconia material, we offer a range of aesthetic zirconia products designed for use with CAD/CAM systems. our Vsmile mission is to deliver world-class zirconia solutions that deliver long-lasting performance and optimal are some tips to help you choose the right zirconia blocks for your needs to ensure you get the right zirconia milling disc,and match the quality and accuracy need of  your dental restoration production

Quality: Look for zirconia blocks that are made with high-quality materials and are backed by a reputable manufacturer. Consider factors such as the degree of translucency and shade stability, as well as the block's resistance to chipping and breaking.

Vsmile is one of the world's leading dental manufacturers and suppliers of zirconia. Our development team has over 3 years of experience in preparing and processing zirconia powders. This experience is reflected in the unique manufacturing and coloring process. The result is zirconia restorations with high esthetics. (Vsmile esthetics zirconia)

Compatibility: Ensure that the zirconia blocks you choose are compatible with your CAD/CAM system and milling machine.

Vsmile zirconia milling disc was designed in a variety of shapes to accommodate the dfferent milling strategies and milling systems, 98mm for open systems,95mm for zirkonzahn milling machine,and 71mm D shape for Amann Girrbach motion milling machine,Square shape for cerec inlab system.

Price: While it's important to choose high-quality zirconia blocks, you also need to consider your budget. Look for blocks that offer the best balance between quality and cost.

Shade options: Consider the range of shade options available. The more shades available, the greater the ability to match the restoration to the patient's natural tooth color.

Vsmile zirconia milling discs are available for vita class 16shades and 4 bleach shade,make the result of zirconia restorations with high esthetic blend seamlessly with nature teeth.
Technical support: Choose a supplier that offers technical support to help you troubleshoot any issues and answer any questions you may have.

Availability: Consider the availability of the zirconia blocks you are interested in. Make sure the supplier you choose has a reliable delivery system and that blocks are readily available when you need them.

We offering 24 hours online service ;100 % Patience; 3-7days Fast delivery

By considering these factors, you can find the right zirconia blocks to meet your needs and help you produce high-quality dental restorations.

Incorporating Vsmile Zirconia into your business will give you the opportunity to provide the most esthetic zirconia to your dental customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money every month and keep your lab running at peak efficiency.

With Vsmile's professional assistance, you can expect outstanding results.