Develop Good Oral Habits: Prevent Tartar


I think everyone doesn't want to smell bad when they open their mouths, and they don't want to ask about bad smells in other people's mouths. Some people have more serious problems, and a yellow, stinky little stone will jump out of the teeth, giving off a strong smell, so what is this little stone? What effect does it have on us?

In fact, this kind of small stone belongs to dental calculus, which is a manifestation of dental disease. Over time, calculus is not washed away effectively, it can deposit and mineralize and become very thick. Food cannot be completely decomposed when eating, and food residues will attach to the stone, causing the stone to grow larger and larger. Bad breath can get worse when tartar appears. The oral environment is inherently complex. If some other substances are mixed in, the entire oral cavity will emit an indescribable odor. If you are a person who likes to observe, you will find that after the stone is removed, the smell of the stone is more intense.

With the growth of dental calculus, it will cause great stimulation to the normal teeth of the human body, causing the alveolar bone to shrink. Over time, calculus will gradually develop to the root of the tooth, causing the tooth to loosen and fall out. Affected by calculus, the root of the gum will become inflamed, and the gingival tissue will face edema and abnormal congestion. The gum margins can also begin to erode and bleed easily. Especially at night, when you open your mouth the next day, you will find that all your teeth are bloodshot.

It can be seen that the impact of dental calculus on us is still very large. For this problem, Vsmile also summarizes some prevention methods for you:

1. Regularly wash your teeth. Don't underestimate teeth cleaning, teeth cleaning can completely remove the tartar. Regular cleaning of teeth is also a kind of care for the oral cavity. In the process of protecting teeth, cleaning is a very important thing that cannot be ignored.

2. Insist on brushing your teeth morning and night. Good brushing can thoroughly remove bacteria and food debris from your teeth. Brushing your teeth morning and night will not only keep your teeth clean, but your oral environment will also be better, and your teeth will not turn yellow.

3. Rinse your mouth after eating, or floss your teeth. How do we clean our teeth without a toothbrush when we're out enjoying a perfect meal? We can simply rinse our mouth with water, and use dental floss to clean the food residues caught between our teeth.

Special attention should be paid to: if you find that you have dental calculus, you should seek medical treatment in time. Never buckle it with your own hands. This operation can only remove a small part of the dental calculus under the gums. Great damage to the gums. Secondly, the tools used are not strictly sterilized, and many bacteria are brought into the mouth, which is more detrimental to the body.