Do These 3 Steps To Avoid Ugly Teeth

Avoid Ugly Teeth
Imagining you go to work in the morning, the first thing is to open the oven that you left it working overnight, And you find the zirconia crown or bridge are ugly. You are not happy of course. You might think you brought a crappy oven or heating elements. But do you know that there is another reason? Maybe it is a sign you need to clean your oven. The furnace is hitting 1500 Centigrade when it's working. You know there is a lot of violent stuff happening at 1500 Centigrade similar to how water turns into steam at just 212 Centigrade. Below are three steps you should do when you sintering.

1 Clear the new oven
The furnace manufacturer must have told you to sinter the empty oven first. That is because there is dust during the manufacturing and shipping process etc. And there are heating elements too. Thinking all that dust in the oven and then subjecting that dust to this violent atmosphere at 3000 degrees, it’s going to contaminate the teeth.

2 Clear the oven every day or once a week
every day or at least once a week, you should blow your ovens and your muffler out with an air hose. Remember to be nice and gentle with minimal pressure. You’ll see the dust come out of there and blow out the top where you’re collecting dust.

3 Place the oven in a clean environment
You do not have enough space in your lab, let alone a separate space for the furnace only. I get it. But do you really want to put the oven right next to the mill machine? The dust from the milling machine will go straight to the oven and contaminate all the teeth every time you sinter. Trust me, you want to keep your oven in a healthy, clean environment away from your mills.

Keep your zirconia clean. Keep your ovens clean. Keep the oven in a clean area. That’s one of the keys to getting better quality zirconia.