Easter Is Approaching


Easter, also known as Passover, or Holy Sunday.

The day before Jesus was crucified, he had the Last Supper with his disciples. Jesus told the disciples that bread symbolized his body and wine symbolized his blood. He would use death to atone for people's sins. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day after he was crucified. Paul associates the resurrected Christ with the Passover because Jesus is the Passover Lamb who sacrificed to save his people.

To commemorate this day, Christians set up Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after death.

One of the Easter customs is the Easter bunny.

There are many reasons why rabbits are related to Easter, the most notable is that rabbits have extremely strong reproductive ability and strong vitality. At the same time, people saw the rabbit emerge from the ground, which also symbolized the scene of Jesus resurrecting from the tomb.

During Easter, people will use rabbit dolls to decorate the house, or give each other rabbit dolls. Children eat candy bunnies on Easter, especially chocolate bunnies.


We Vsmile would like to wish all dear Christian friends in advance, Happy Easter, peace and joy!


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