Excellent Performance Of Zirconia Ceramics


Due to its excellent properties, zirconia ceramics have become a hot spot in the study of oral materials in recent years. Zirconia ceramics is a new type of fine ceramics with good mechanical properties (fracture toughness, strength, hardness, etc.), biocompatibility, stability, aesthetics, thermal conductivity and formability, which can be a good solution to conventional all-ceramics. The problem of insufficient strength and toughness of crown materials.

The toughness of zirconia all-ceramic crown restorations that have been clinically applied so far is comparable to that of iron and cemented carbide, while the fracture toughness and flexural strength are about twice as high as those of alumina ceramics. The excellent mechanical properties of zirconia ceramics significantly make up for the problems of low toughness, poor impact resistance and high brittleness of traditional ceramic materials in oral clinical applications, creating a prerequisite for their application and promotion in the field of oral prosthodontics.

In addition, due to the complex biological environment inside the oral cavity, it must have excellent chemical stability as an oral restorative material. As an excellent biologically inert ceramic, zirconia exhibits excellent chemical stability as an oral prosthesis or an implant, and fully meets the standards as an oral prosthetic material.