Features Of Zirconia Porcelain Teeth


1. No metal inner crown.

Since there is no metal inner crown, the teeth are transparent and glossy. There is no metal inner crown, which more effectively avoids problems such as metal allergy and black gum line.

2. Good shade ability.

Zirconia has enough opaque ability, making it a perfect solution to the dental cosmetic needs of patients with severe tetracycline teeth.

3. Zirconia porcelain teeth are not easy to collapse.

The regular difference between zirconia all-ceramic porcelain teeth and non-metallic porcelain teeth is that it not only has super toughness to make up for the shortcomings of easy-to-collapse porcelain, so that you have no worries no matter how you bite your teeth, but also has an all-ceramic system with a realistic and sturdy appearance. Wear-resistant, good biocompatibility, non-irritating oral mucosa tissue, easy to clean and so on.