General Working Guidelines For Vsmile Zirconia Blocks


General working guidelines for Vsmile Zirconia Blocks


Vsmile HappyZir discs and blocks are delivered in their pre-sintered state. In this state, the material is easy to process, but does not yet have the known qualities, which it has as a finished restoration. Therefore, careful handling is required.

Please check the delivery immediately for: 

– Integrity of the package 

– Integrity of the product (no disruptions, cracks or shade irregularities must be noticeable). 

– The presence of the manufacturer's name, Vsmile, on the packaging as well as the presence of the CE marking

Vsmile HappyZir Zirconia blocks is best stored…

 – in the original packaging 

– in a dry place.

When handling the Vsmile HappyZir zirconia milling discs and blocks, make sure that they...

– are not exposed to any blows or vibrations. 

– are not touched with wet hands.

 – only come into contact with liquids that have been approved for the product. Tap water, adhesives or pens etc., for example, are unsuitable. 

– are not contaminated with foreign particles (e.g. glass-ceramic dusts, metal grinding dust).

Safety information 

Carefully read these Instructions for Use before you remove the zirconium oxide discs or blocks from the packaging. They contain important information regarding processing, which serves your safety and that of your patients. If not all the points in these Instructions for Use are observed,Vsmile Dental Zircona milling discs and blocks must not be used for the fabrication of dental restorations.