How To Choose The Right Sintering Furnace?


There are many different models of dental sintering furnaces on the market, so how do choose a suitable zirconia sintering furnace? 

Following are the 5 tips that need to be considered before you make the decision;

  1.  Firing Behavior & Firing Quality – The most important criteria to consider in a dental furnace is the way it will influence the firing behavior and firing quality of ceramics. The temperature within the furnace should be evenly distributed. It should also be equipped with QTK muffle technology and a reflecting floor to help spread the heat evenly throughout the firing chamber.

  2. Infrared Sensor – a furnace with built-in infrared technology offers peace of mind. This type of technology will achieve reliable firing results and increase efficiency. The pre drying process controlled by infrared technology reduces the risk of cracks occurring in the ceramic during the closing process.

  3. Handling – look for a furnace with a large, movable color touchscreen. This will eliminate the fuss and use icon controls you know from your mobile phone.

  4. Energy Saving – certain furnaces automatically switch over to standby mode to save energy.

  5. Shade Determination – some furnaces can help with the shade selection process. The clinician takes a picture of the selected shades and the natural teeth with a smartphone and sends it to the lab. The digital shade assistant (DSA) software of the furnace determines the final tooth shade, which is then reproduced.

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