Introduce Vsmile 3D Prism



About the Product:
Vsmile 3D Zirconia Disc is Vsmile's best-selling product. It has 9 layer multilayer color, which is similar to natural teeth from cervical to incisal. It is an ideal option for dentists and dental technicians to achieve lifelike aesthetics. Its high strength and outstanding translucency set Vsmile 3D Zirconia Disc apart from other zirconia materials.

Details of the Product:
System: 98, 95, AG
Colors: vita 16 + Bleach
Thickness: 10mm -30mm
Translucency: 43%-57%
Strength: 700MPa -1200 MPa
Indication: Crown, Anterior, Inlay&Onlay, and 12 crowns long bridge

1. 9 layers Multilayer Color creates lifelike aesthetics
2. All of our disks are isostatically pressed to insure a uniform shrinkage and density.
3. Our zirconia disks are allergen-free and biologically inert. We value safety and do not use unsafe materials exposing our customers to unsafe materials.


Technical Data:




Sintering Chart


About Vsmile Company:
Vsmile is a China-based manufacturer of dental zirconia blocks, lithium disilicate, pmma, wax, milling burs and more... At Vsmile, we offer one-stop services to meet all your needs. Work with us, and keep your lab running at peak efficiency.

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Whatsapp: +86 150 8489 6166
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