Introduce Vsmile Happyzir 3D Pro Multilayer


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Zirconia is becoming more and more popular in the dental industry. There are so many zirconia disk brands on the market. And it is obvious that zirconia disks have differences in strength, translucency, sintering temperature, density etc. How come? While there are several factors that make disks very different:

Purity/contamination – If a disc is made in an unclean environment you won’t be able to see it until the restoration is made.
Flexural Strength – If the density of the zirconia disc isn’t uniform, it’s going to affect the final physical properties.
Density/shrinkage uniformity – If the disc doesn’t have a uniform density then when it is fired the restorations may warp.
Thickness uniformity – Though this is not very common, if for some reason the disc does not have a uniform thickness then you risk breaking your cutting tools during the milling process.
Milling properties – If zirconia discs are underfired they may be too soft. If the discs are overfired they may be too brittle. This can affect cutting speed and may cause chipping.
Color and translucency – If the discs are not pre-sintered correctly & consistently then some of the coloring you do in the green state may be lost. A disc that is too dense won’t keep the color and may not offer enough chroma (saturation).

What sets Vsmile zirconia above many of our competitors is the fact that we start with the high quality formulated powder. Each Vsmile Zirconia disk is isostatically pressed for consistent results every time. Vsmile we take great pride in making the highest of quality disks that are also very consistent for our customer's peace of mind and satisfaction. Vsmile Happyzir 3D Pro Multilayer offers the strength of 700MPa to 1050 MPa and translucency of 43% to 57%, which makes our zirconia one of the highest quality disks on the market. Vsmile Happyzir 3D Pro Multilayer can be made for six crown long bridges. Feel free to check out Vsmile Happyzir 3D Pro Multilayer here.