Introducing Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic

Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic has been more and more popular in the dental industry because of its excellent mechanical and translucent properties. What's more, the crystallization process is faster comparing to other dental materials. This makes single-visit treatment possible.

The Benefits:
Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is an excellent aesthetic, high strength, and quick firing process. Glass ceramic is most used for inlay, onlay,veneer, and coping. They are translucent compared to other materials, the result can be close to natural teeth. When it comes to safety and durability, material strength is a particular factor for dental restorations. Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic has high strength over 500 MPa. And the strength of the human teeth is around 200MPa to 400MPa. It can be fired rapidly quickly. The glaze firing takes only up to five hours, so the entire manufacturing process is accelerated. You can have fixed teeth within single-visit dentistry.

Excellent aesthetic, fast turnaround time, and long durability have proven Lithium disilicate Glass Ceramic is an ideal material for dental repairs. keep an eye out for such an option when your teeth need to be replaced.