Matching Shade With Uncolored Zirconia (White Zirconia)- Posterior Crown Coloring Technique



  • Tip: Be sure to place the liquids in plastic airtight containers (screw lids preferable). Using an indelible marker, sandblast and mark the jar and lid with the identifying shade and any other pertinent information. 

  • Tip: To distinguish each color on the crown/bridge, use a different color food coloring for each liquid. 

  • Tip: Always clean and blot your brush and containers before changing to a different liquid. IMPORTANT: Do not let any metal touch the liquid (i.e., brush ferrule).


For an A2 shade, place the following liquids in the airtight containers: 

A2, used for primary crown chroma 

A3, applied to the cervical, interproximal, and under pontics 

A3.5 or A4 for occlusal grooves and lingual fossae A Medium Incisal mix

Posterior Crown Coloring Technique – Shade A2


Apply one shade higher in chroma (in this case the A3 liquid) around the margin (cervical) area inside and outside of the crown.


Brush on the more chromatic shade to occlusal grooves and lingual fossae.


Apply the Base shade (A2) in a lateral segmental approach, up the middle of the cusps from cervical to incisal.


For the incisal area, a good incisal color can be reached by combining the following: (ratio) mix 3cc of the Origin Incisal Liquid 1.5 with 1 drop of Lava Plus Grey Effect Liquid.

Tip: For darker incisal (A3, A3.5, A4, B3, B4, etc), use 2 drops of grey incisal in 3cc Incisal Coloring Liquid.


Apply the liquid only to the occlusal ridges.


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