Method Of Processing Zirconia Ceramic Blocks


1. Grinding

This is a new type of zirconia ceramic block processing method.

Its principle is that under the action of electrolysis, the metal-based grinding wheel is first corrected. During the grinding process, electrolytic grinding fluid is added between the electrode and the grinding wheel, and a pulse current is added. During the entire zirconia ceramic processing process , the sharpness of the grinding wheel is always maintained. This processing method solves the difficulty of dressing the grinding wheel, so that ultra-precision grinding can be achieved stably.

2. Polishing and grinding

This method is to use free abrasive to produce a fine removal of the surface, so that a super-fine processing method can be achieved.

Grinding and polishing are necessary steps, mainly for silicon wafers, optical materials and semiconductor materials, etc. Polished zirconia ceramics are processed in the range of elastic removal, usually used for the final step of ultra-finishing, toughness very high.

3. Plastic processing

There are two traditional plastic working methods: plastic removal and brittle removal.

There are some drawbacks to using both methods, that is, the removal of brittleness, but no significant removal of plasticity, will affect the integrity and quality of the surface. In the actual production practice process, we found that when processing relatively brittle materials such as ceramics, the removal of plasticity can be accomplished by using a very small depth of cut.