Multi-color Zirconia Ceramic Materials


With the increasing application of high-transparency and ultra-transparent zirconia, multi-layer color zirconia all-ceramic materials came into being. Multi-color zirconia is a zirconia material with several layers of different colors (different pre-dyeing) and different light transmittances introduced in recent years, which can simplify the dyeing operation time of technicians, and at the same time make the fully anatomical zirconia all-ceramic crown have color, luster, The gradient effect of light transmittance can better meet the aesthetic requirements of fully anatomical zirconia all-ceramic crowns in the aesthetic area.

Multi-color zirconia all-ceramic materials are not a separate type of zirconia. Such materials include both high-transparent multi-color zirconia and ultra-transparent multi-color zirconia. Strictly speaking, they should belong to high-transmittance zirconia (4Y zirconia) and ultra-transparent zirconia (5Y zirconia).

Disadvantages of multi-color zirconia all-ceramic materials: during CAD design, the position of the crown in the zirconia block will affect the aesthetic effect of the crown; whether the interface between the multi-layer zirconia ceramic layers will affect the zirconia Issues such as the strength of all-ceramic crowns require further study and observation.


Multi-colored zirconia is mainly used for the restoration of zirconia all-ceramic crowns in the aesthetic zone of anterior teeth.