Q&A About Staining And Glazing


Customers often leave messages asking some questions about the dyeing and glazing of zirconia blocks. Today, Vsmile has collected and sorted out some of the most concerned questions to answer, hoping to help everyone.

Q:What color is more real for gums?

A:The main thing depends on the communication with the dentist and the system you use. The color of the gums still needs to be adjusted according to the patient's condition.

Q: If dip dyeing is required, how long will you dip it in?

Most people place the cut end first because they want the zirconia block to absorb the color. Darken a layer of shadow (one sweep) around the gums. Then do a quick dip (one second).

Q:Is sandblasting recommended to adjust the color before glazing?

A:Of course. Doing this makes it nice and clean. If possible, you can also use a sandblasting machine for some treatment to make the surface better.

Q:Can a vacuum be used for glaze firing?

A:No,I generally don't do this.It won't make my performance better.

Q:Did you mix gum colors?

A:Yes.I like to try different things. It always surprises me,and it helped me get 3D shades

For a more detailed video version of the tutorial, you can click the link below to watch.

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