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Sirona MCX5 millling burs For Glass Ceramic

Sirona MCX5 millling burs For Glass Ceramic
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30000piece / Month
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Sirona MCX5 Compatible milling burs for dental lab using
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Vsmile Milling Burs Sirona Inlab MC X5 ® Compatible

Always Choosing The Best Tools for the Best Results
Depending on whether it is for wet or dry processing, different tools are used. The cutting geometries and coatings of the diamond grinders and carbide cutters are have been optimized for different indications and materials and provide for outstanding surface results and margins. The coated zirconia milling cutters have a significantly longer service life compared to uncoated cutters and achieve smoother surfaces.
Sirona MC X5 Zirconia PMMA Wax Milling Tools
Shank Dia.(mm)
Head Dia.(mm)
CoatingDiamond/Diamond Liked/Uncoated/Rainbow
Sirona MC X5 Emax Glass Ceramic Lithium Disilicate Grinding Tools
Shank Dia.(mm)
Head Dia.(mm)

Sirona Inlab MC X5 CAD/CAM Dental Milling Bur

Sirona Inlab MC X5
Material: Tungsten Carbide
Coating: Professional Diamond Coating for Emax grinding
Packaging: Individually packing

- Long life span
- Excellent surface quality
- Precise milling performance and results


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