The Difference Between Glass Ceramics And Zirconia In All-Ceramic Crown Materials


Because of its strength and aesthetics, more and more people are using all-ceramic crowns for cosmetic restorations. These include zirconia and glass ceramics.But do you really know the difference between them? The two are not only different in price, but also in material and performance.

●Glass-ceramic all-ceramic teeth use hot die-casting porcelain crowns and glass-permeable porcelain crowns, which are polished by CAD/CAM technology; their hardness is about 400 MPa, and the color is more transparent, and it is more similar to real teeth, so Mostly used for anterior teeth restoration.

●The zirconia all-ceramic tooth uses CAD/CAM technology to grind the inner crown, and then adds the outer layer of porcelain through the layered porcelain technology to make the finished all-ceramic tooth; the hardness is as high as 1200 MPa or more, the pressure resistance is good, and the strength is good. Higher, mostly used in the area of the posterior teeth where the chewing force is greater.

Zirconia crowns are not as strong as ceramic crowns; zirconia is the more important material. Although in most cases this is a benefit of zirconia crowns, sometimes it can be a disadvantage when we make bridges between certain teeth and we need a more resilient material.

So do we choose glass ceramics? Or choose zirconia?

In fact, based on the complaints, the strength of zirconia is more prominent, and the aesthetics of glass ceramics are even better. When making a choice, consider whether to make anterior or posterior teeth and whether aesthetics or strength are more important.

Although there are differences between glass ceramics and zirconia, as long as they are properly operated, they can have excellent use effects and can be used for a long time.