Vsmile HappyZir 3D Prism-Sintering Tips For Lab Use


Sintering is one of the most important processes during the fabrication of Vsmile Prism restorations. During this process, the white body is turned into a densely sintered restoration by the effect of high temperatures. Only this fabrication step creates the high strength and translucency. To achieve optimum mechanical and optical properties, it is absolutely mandatory that the defined sintering temperatures and times are observed at all times.

Possible impacts on colors:

The maximum temperature too high or too low

Too low or too high sintering temperatures and/or too short or too long sintering times negatively affect the above properties, the excessive temperature will lead to the lighter color result, if the max temperature is too low, the final results will be darker than you expect.


3D-A2 Sintering Result in different Temps


A, Check the sintering curve setting of your sintering furnace,make sure you have observed the correct program selection.

B, The change of the energy effect may have the same impacts as described above. Using a temperature measuring ring or a temperature measuring block, checking whether the actual temperature of the furnace is consistent with the temperature on the display screen.

The Positioning of the restoration:

All thicknesses of Vsmile 3D prism discs have the same proportion in incisal(25%), transition range(26%) and dentin zone(49%). The different positioning will lead to the different color matches.


Incisal area


 Transition range


Dentin zone



A, Single-tooth restorations can be placed higher up or down depending on the required incisal content. Full-contour or partially anatomically reduced bridge restorations must be placed in s the specified minimum connector cross-section lies within the dentin area. Crown and bridge frameworks must be placed completely in the dentin area.

B, Choose the disc in proper thickness.

The edge thickness of the restoration:

If the edge carved teeth are too thin and the overall color is lighter, this is an inevitable result. . Only the subsequent glaze powder can be used to modify it.


3D-A2 sintering effect as an example

Mix sintering with other brands:

The zirconia crown made by different manufacturers uses different recipes, and sintering in the same heating chamber can easily create cross-infection.


Please burn it separately (meaning that a sintering tray is only for ours, there are multiple sintering trays that can be stacked on top of each other, it is recommended that our zirconium blocks be placed in the bottom tray, as shown below)