Vsmile MC X5 Compatible Bur Life And Usage Tips


What is the procedure for how the CAM software selects what order to use the burs when a tool magazine contains multiple sets of the same kind of burs?

Some users may have instrument magazines that have multiple sets of the same type of instrument in place as seen below.

When two sets of the same instrument type are in place, the software will use the instruments as follows:

1. The oldest tool (the most worn) is always used first.

2. Only when the life of the first instrument reduced to 0%, the second tool of the set is used

3. If uncoated and DC coated zirconium tools* are in the same magazine, the DC coated tools will be used first

4. These rules can not be changed or influenced by the software user.

Vsmile DC coated zirconia tools are zirconia burs that have an extra diamond coating,We advises the following benefits when using the DC tools:

· Longer bur life (5 times longer life compared to the non-coated burs)

· Smoother Surfaces

· Less Chipping

· Better results with non-validated/approved materials

· DC coated tools are available in inLab CAM 15.X and higher

2Is there information on expected bur life for MC X5 instruments?

Dentsply Sirona does not have predicted instrument life information for the MC X5 instruments.  This is due to the fact that the instrument life is based on the number of passes the instrument takes as it cuts restorations.  As this can vary drastically from one restoration to another, it is not possible to advise how many restorations one can expect to get out of each instrument. The user will need to monitor the life of instruments based on the percentage information displayed under: System Menu | Machine and Instrument Tray Management | Instrument Tray Management.

The MC X5 milling unit and inLab 15.X and higher software have been designed to be a more open format in response to the requests and needs of the laboratory customers, (as compared to previous equipment and version of inLab software which were closed systems). As such, MC X5 users may choose to use non-partner, Vsmile materials (burs/blocks/pucks).

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