Vsmile Product Introduction-Cmill A5 Milling Machine Part 1



Vsmile Cmill A5 Milling Machine is an ultra-high, cost-effective, open-processing, five-axis dental engraving machine. It has a stylish and exquisite appearance, stable performance, and an intelligent touch screen. It can perform dry processing, mill zirconia blocks, PMMA, wax, etc.


1. It must connect to a stable AC220 power supply with good grounding.

2. You should put the milling machine on a flat and stable desktop.

3. The air pressure of the dry air source is 0.6 Mpa to 0.8 Mpa and the outer diameter of the trachea is 6mm.

4. Keep the milling machine in a place where the temperate is around 0°C -40°C, and humidity does not exceed 70%.


1. The system has not returned to the reference point.—Click the zero switch in the lower left corner. After the zero return is completed, clear the alarm.

2. Insufficient air pressure alarm—Check whether the air compressor is turned on, and whether the pressure display on the pressure gauge on the left side of the machine meets the requirements of 0.6 Mpa or more. Check whether the trachea is bent or blocked and whether the pipe interface is leaking. After the air pressure returns to normal, the air pressure value set by the machine is reached, and the processing program will automatically start processing.

3. Software and hardware limit alarm---Observe which axis of XYZ alarms, click the icon 1 in the middle of the screen to operate manually. When checking that there is room for X to move left and right, click icon 2 to change it to 1.00, click icon 3X button 2, and click icon 4 to reset the alarm and disappear, remember not to hold it for a long time, otherwise it will cause a collision failure.