Vsmile Product Introduction-Cmill A5 Milling Machine Part 2


1. Operation of startup and shutdown

Connect the power cord configured with the machine, and make sure that one end of the power cord has been inserted into the power input socket of the power interface board of the device, and the other end has been inserted into the 220V AC power socket. After dozens of seconds, the screen is displayed. Then click the reset button in the lower-left corner of the display to complete the boot. Shut down and press the power switch again to complete the shutdown.


2. Touch screen application




K)Machining speed, spindle speed, and the tool number currently clamped by the spindle Too means no tool, and T01 means No.1 tool.


I) Processing file name, working time, sequence number, and processing progress indicated by the equipment.

3. Instructions in the processing warehouse


4. Porcelain block installation and disassembly

6 (1)

6 (2)

a) Click on picture 1 manually, and then click on picture 2 to change the disk. Loosen the screw of the clamping plate, place the porcelain block in the clamping plate and make a mark (so that the typesetting can be continued next time).

b) Check whether the porcelain block is placed flat, and then install the clamping platen on it.

c) Hold the porcelain block with one hand and rotate the clamping platen to the locked position with the other hand.

d) Tighten one screw in the middle first, then lock the other two screws evenly.

e) Once the porcelain block is installed, it can be processed (the order of dismantling the porcelain block is reversed).