Vsmile Product Introduction-Cmill A5 Milling Machine Part 3


5. Start processing


a) Click the file button in the lower-left corner of picture 1 in the upper left corner - the dialog box shown in the left picture above will appear.

b) 2. Click on the U disk as shown in Figure 2 above, select the file to be processed, and click Import to the hard disk

c) Click the local disk in Figure 3 above, select the file to be processed, and click Figure 4 above to select (the file transmitted through the network cable can omit step 2)

d) Click picture 5 above to return to the close dialog box, and check whether the file name to be processed is displayed in the middle right of the picture above.

e) Click the start button in Figure 6 above (execute the processing of the NC file).

f) Click the stop button in Figure 7 above (pause the processing of NC files).

g) Click the reset button in Figure 8 above (refresh to restart or breakpoint to continue).

h) Network transfer files (click the computer software, click the icon to display the icon to select the IP of the processing machine you have connected to in history, move the NC file to the remote site, and the file transfer is complete, and check that the transfer is 100%, you can go to the machine side and select it according to step 3 above, processing.

6. Needle Replacement


Tool change method: 

a) Take out the bur from the tool magazine and directly replace the corresponding bur 

b) Click icon 1 to manual 

c) Click icon 2 to assist 

d) Click icon 3 to open the collet and manually take out the old bur you want to replace, and replace it with a new bur. Click icon 3 to close the collet.

 e) Click icon 4 to exit to complete the tool change