What Are Dental Crowns And Dental Bridges?



You visit your dentist for a regular check and your dentist says you need to put in dental crowns or bridges. They might also ask you what material you want to use, proceline fused metal or zirconia? Today we are going to talk about the first question: what are dental Crowns and dental bridges?

Crowns are a procedure that rectify broken or damaged teeth by placing a new surface over what remains of that tooth. These crowns, also known as caps, are strong and very natural looking, giving physical confidence as well as correcting a health issue all in one. Crowns will be specially created to look just like the rest of your teeth, they are customized to the individual so that they won’t be awkward or noticeable. In order to ‘put on’ the crown, sometimes the dentist has to grind the natural tooth a bit smaller.

Dental Bridge is similar to crowns, but they are more for the correction of missing teeth. A bridge is when a false tooth is fused to two crowns, which will go on the teeth on either side of the space, that take the place of a missing tooth. Bridges require more attention and care to maintain oral health, but they look extremely natural and do a great job of correcting a large problem area of an individual’s teeth in one procedure.

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