What Are Fixed Dentures?


Fixed dentures use the natural teeth on one or both sides of the edentulous area as abutments, make various types of retainers on the abutments, and make bridges in the edentulous area. A prosthesis that is fixed on the abutment and cannot be worn by the patient. Because its structure is similar to a bridge, it is also called a fixed bridge.

The composition of fixed dentures:

Fixed dentures are composed of three parts, respectively, retainer, bridge and connector. The fixed bridge is a functional whole formed by the cementation of the retainer and the abutment; the pontic can restore the form and function of the missing tooth, and the abutment can also be called the abutment after the abutment. It is the natural tooth, tooth root, or bridge abutment that supports the fixed bridge; the abutment bears the additional force on the bridge in addition to the resultant force on itself.

Retainer refers to the production of cemented and cemented full crowns on the abutment, part of the crown inlay and the fixed bridge with the wing plate by means of the retention force to connect with the abutment and obtain retention.

A pontic, an artificial tooth, is the part of a fixed bridge that restores the form and function of a missing tooth.

The connecting body is the connecting part between the fixed bridge and the retaining body, and can be divided into a movable connecting body and a fixed connecting body according to the different connection methods.