What Is PEEK in Dentistry?


PEEK dental blocks are a high-performance polymer for the digital fabrication of fixed and removable restorations such as crowns, bridges, secondary and overlapping restorations, attached restorations or superstructures for screw and implant supports.

At present, peek is one of the scientifically proven and safe dental restorative materials and one of the highest quality polymers in dental materials. In dental materials, peek is replacing metal parts in a variety of applications.

Due to its excellent properties, peek has a variety of applications in dentistry such as implants, removable and fixed partial dentures and orthodontic wires.

What is the advantages of peek?

The mechanical properties of PEEK are similar to human bone tissue; lack of electrochemical activity in vivo; excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility; considerable fatigue strength; abrasion resistance; tensile strength, compressive strength and ductility. And peek's safety performance and long-term use are the advantages of peek block.

Applications of PEEK in Dentistry

Due to its excellent properties, PEEK has successfully become a biomaterial in medicine.Suitable for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, denture bases, metal-free superstructures as well as for primary, secondary and tertiary constructions. In the version Bio Classic available as highly biocompatible material.

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