What Is The Difference Between Grinding And Milling?


Milling is a machining process in which a milling tool runs at high speed to pin and cut zirconia blocks. Through the milling bur of different hardness and diameter to match different needs to achieve different goals, this can be accomplished by changing the direction, head speed and pressure on one or more shafts. These are all done with the help of a milling machine. (A milling machine is a machine tool that uses a milling cutter to mill a workpiece.) Milling covers a variety of operations and machines, from small single parts to large, heavy-duty group milling operations. It is one of the most common processes for machining custom parts to precise tolerances.

Depending on the position of the cutting tool, the milling machine is divided into a front milling machine and a peripheral milling machine. The front milling machine contains cutting operations at the corners of the cutting tool, and the peripheral milling machines include cutting operations around the cutting tool.

Grinding is a part of cutting. Grinding is an abrasive machining process with a grinding wheel as a tool. It is a process to remove surface material and is generally used for hand-held electric tools. The surface of the product is smooth and clean by grinding, and the accuracy and surface finish are as high as 10 times compared with turning. The grinding tool used for grinding is a grit, uneven, rotating wheel in controlled contact with the product surface. These abrasive particles act as cutting tools, cutting off excess material during high-speed rotation. The requirements for efficient grinding include: • Abrasive parts that are harder than the job • Vibration-resistant and heat-resistant grinding wheels • Fragile abrasives.

The difference between grinding and milling?

The main difference between milling and grinding is in the grinding process. Milling is mainly about carving shapes, removing large pieces, and semi-finishing the surface. It is difficult to grasp the dimensional accuracy of the process, while grinding is mainly a surface finishing process. Allows higher dimensional accuracy, and the finer polishing makes the surface smoother and more exquisite.

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