What Qualities Make Zirconia Powder Great: Know Your Products

For dentists, good quality zirconia block earns customer loyalty and helps establish your lab recognition. In order to produce good quality zirconia block, Vsmile uses world-class zirconia powder. In this article, we discuss what qualities good zirconia powder has.

Firstly, high-quality zirconia powder should have good fluidity, like water, and poor-quality powder does not have fluidity.

Secondly, high quality zirconia powder should be round, rather than flat, the spherical powder can achieve good fluidity, and make dry-pressed products with the same density. The inferior powder is easy to cause internal defects and affects the density, strength, and other performance of ceramic products.

Thirdly, good quality zirconia powder has similar size particles, and inferior powder has either too large or too small size particles, which can easily affect the strength of ceramic products.

Finally, excellent zirconia powder has a high Rock Density( 1.7g /cm3), the higher the rock density, the less air inside the particles. When pressing the powder, it is more easy to draw the air out of the high rock density powder, and easy molding, with little damage. While it is not easy to draw the air from the Low rock density powder. And poor fluidity can cause the uneven density of zirconia block.

You've just learned what makes good quality zirconia powder. You know what to consider at your next zirconia shopping.

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