Zirconia Ceramic Block Raw Material


Zirconia ceramic blocks for dentures are divided into two types: white and colored. White zirconia ceramic blocks need to be dyed and sintered in the denture processing factory to show the color of customized dentures, while colored zirconia ceramic blocks do not need to be dyed. After the engraving and milling machine, the color of the customized denture can be displayed by sintering. The raw materials of white and colored zirconia ceramic blocks are all zirconia powder, but there are white and colored points.

The development of zirconia ceramics includes powder synthesis, blank molding, ceramic sintering and other links. Obviously, zirconia powder is an important factor affecting the performance of zirconia blocks for all-ceramic dentures. There are three main types of powder synthesis methods: gas phase method, solid phase method and liquid phase method. Considering the cost of powder preparation and the difficulty of experimental operation, the liquid phase method is currently the most widely and practical method for preparing zirconia ceramic precursor powder. Liquid phase methods include precipitation method, sol-gel method, hydrothermal method, microemulsion method, etc. Among them, precipitation method and microemulsion method require precise control of reaction conditions, which increases the difficulty of experiments. Sol-gel method and hydrothermal method are At present, the most commonly used method for preparing zirconia powder.