Zirconia Discs Selection


As a new product manager of Zirconia Disc. what the most important factors are when dental technicians select the brand of zirconia discs? And why they choose Vsmile HappyZir

Here are some feedback from our customers

Shade and strength.
Many of the materials out there don't reflect the shade they advertise. Specially in the high strength range. We choose the material according to the case. For individual restorations we go with a more esthetic looking material, knowing it doesn't have the maximum strength.
As soon as there is a pontic involved, we go high strength. My material of choice for bridges and such is Vsmile ST Multilayer, for the moment. always stable and color perfectly matched.

 ST Multilayer(1)(1)

We use Vsmile 3D Pro. We keep a stock for every Vita shade. We also have a presinter stain system for shades that aren't a perfect match for the Vita shades. This zirconia allows us to get natural transluceny while also going for more strength as needed in the same zirconia puck.

 3D PRO Multilayer(1)

Firstly, I like to see a few options of strength and translucency. Then I look at puck size, if at least a 25mm isn't offered I will look elsewhere. Then shade selection, there has to be the full classic line, I prefer preshaded. If all of those are satisfied, test for shade, we need good shade across the spectrum. Lastly consistency. I need the results to be consistent and the availability to be consistent.now we use Vsmile,pretty happy with it.

All vita shades + 3 bleach shades (shades match);Up to 30mm discs; For large bridges at least 1150 MPA all over the disc and 45% translucency; No super long sintering cycles (pritidenta has 8 hours for large bridges and 0 problems with that);For aesthetic jobs it can be multi strength and trans.that what i am thing,and Vsmile prism met all the needs