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Product Overview

White Zirconia Block

HT / ST / UT 98mm / 95mm / AG

Preshaded zirconia Block

ST / UT 98mm / 95mm / AG

Multilayer Zirconia Block

ST / SHT / UT 98mm / 95mm / AG

3D Zirconia Block

3D Pro / 3D Prism 98mm / 95mm / AG


Pink / Detin /white / Yellow


Monolayer / Multilayer / Actal / Double Layer

Titanium Milling Blank

GR 5 98mm / 95mm

Milling Bur

For Roland / VHF / Amann Girrbach / Zirkonzahn / Mc x5 / Imes-icore / Arum / Yena / CEREC

Quality from Innovation

Vsmile uses a 6-step Process to produce high-quality zirconia blank. Starting with the finest powder through Precision Axial Pressing, CIP, Presintering, Machining, packaging, and delivery to your door. This standard production guaranteed the best results in consistent and reliable Vsmile zirconia blanks, which gives us the opportunity to the best zirconia millable materials.

From The Finest Powder

Precision Axial Pressing

Isostatic cool pressing




Safety and Efficacy

Safety and Efficacy are always our core product values

We monitor every stage of the product life cycle, testing safety and performance exhaustively. Vsmile is certified under ISO, CE, FDA, and other major quality systems, now our products have been approved for selling in over than 100 countries.

Let the results speak for themselves.